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EasierBakersfieldBankruptcy.com is a free information site built for the purpose of providing helpful information for residents of Bakersfield, Kern County, and all Californians. 


About Easier Bakersfield Bankruptcy

Many attorneys and bankruptcy services listed here have been practicing bankruptcy law since the 1990s and have completed numerous California bankruptcies.

Our attorneys hail from the Bakersfield area for the most part and completed their law degrees in numerous areas of the country.

Many of our attorneys here began there careers in California at prestigious law firms and after years of serving as rookie attorneys and not appreciating life in the huge cities, made the move to Bakersfield and made it their lifetime home.


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We understand that debt can be crippling to many Bakersfield residents and small businesses. And that's true of many other parts of the country as well.

We look at each case as an individual and a neighbor. Our clients have deep appreciation and gratitude for the time we spend with them and the patience we exercise. We can help you get your debt problems under control. We'll help you and your family or your business get the correct information and make the right decisions for your individual circumstance.

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Bakersfield Bankruptcy Attorneys

Our attorneys are also active in the community with our local sports programs and other outdoor activities. We are just normal Bakersfield residents just like you. When you see any of us while out shopping, eating at restaurants, or at the movie theater, be sure to stop us and say hello :)